Idées reçues Á mouvoir


Ce qui ne s’exprime pas s’imprime, notre morphopsychologie en témoigne. Historien souvent muet, le corps de l’être humain révèle – au fil de ses âges des vestiges structurants, souples, rigides, harmonieux ou non. 


Pensant, chacun.e forge son esprit critique. Verbal.e, il/elle clame des choix et avance, se positionne. Constant ou variable, il/elle peut prendre langue au-delà du muscle, puiser dans l’énergie foisonnante de l’instant présent et se déployer.


Toute idée reçue nécessite une mise en lumière pour en percevoir la part d'ombre. 


Inventée pour cadrer ce site, NAM-SILIM est une association de phonèmes sumériens :

NAM désigne responsabilité, charge ; destinée, destin. 

SILIM désigne santé, bonne santé, être en bonne santé, être en bon état.


Thoughts are made 

to be overturned


I write complex texts because living on Earth is a complex adventure. Neither linear nor flat, neither monochrome, life is a turnoil kingdom where each actor realizes what it lights up inside. Life is adjustable. Some nuggets leap, spatter and disappear.


My thought would look like a Rubiks’cube, volume that in different levels are stacked or confused, overlap or line up. Reader would discover how a global vision could be weaved. I’m entertainer and serious and I like giving some fresh air in my talk – for example with certain forms of poetry – because life is a moving celebration. Melancholy and joy hug in it, fear and impatience stamp one’s foot.


I look for proposing reflections, alternatives thoughts to submission, some bend of influence and some direct access to the reality of anger. Just or not just, anger is a spark. Each one can form it like a perennial flame; each one can engrave it like a fleeting instant.


My random search for meaning through languages led me to the Sumerian, six thousand years old. Agglutinative language, the Sumerian enabled its speakers to build words as we play with Legos: by assembling phonemes (bricks or pieces) depending on the context in which they were placed. In recent years, Anton Parks, German-French researcher and sumerologist, was on a gigantic work on the meaning of our origins and works to unveil, among other things, that contain certain words or former in various languages, through its chronic and essay (Editions Nouvelle Terre and Pahana Books.). Very interpellated by his works, particularly by footnotes relevant and informative pages, I procured a lexicon of Sumerian, a syllabary (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian) and a manual Akkadian epigraphy. Curious of the principle of syllabic decomposition, I now integrate in my writing veins a phonological study of terms which I am sensitive and behind which I would like to see what it was at the beginning of their "mouthing".



Created to frame this site, NAM-SILIM is an association of Sumerian phonemes: NAM designates “responsibility, destiny” and SILIM designates “ health, to be healthy”. May every reader to contact his inner calm when take responsibility for good health will lack.


   Thank you to respect the production of texts published on NAM-SILIM and in ANGER AT WORK, citing their source for a loan. Plagiarism and fashion of "copy / paste" have only value for the ego wankers who create themselves an author image. To the Legos of verb, the ego is parasite.

Colère à l'oeuvre

essai, 606 pages

Editions Geuthner


ISBN 978-2-7053-3920-3