In 1983 with the song “Mesopotamia”, the pop-rock band B-52’s talked to us what it follows:


Turn your watch, turn your watch back,

about a hundred thousand years.

I’ll meet you by the third pyramid

Ah come on, that’s what I want, we’ll meet in Mesopotamia.

(We’re goin’ to meet) I ain’t no student,

(Feel those vibrations) of ancient culture

(I know a neat excavation) Before I talk

I should read a book.

But there’s one thing I do know,

There’s a lot of ruins in Mesopotamia.

Six or eight thousand years ago

They laid down the law.


I am a fan of B-52’s since Planet Claire and surprisingly I didn’t know Mesopotamia until 2015 in may when my book was printed! If I would have to introduce Colère à l’oeuvre / Anger at work in English, it would be done by these B-52’s’s words because I went digging in ancient Mesopotamian times to discover how it was thought about liver and faith.

Another pop-rock band called Orchestral Manoeuvre in The Dark gave to me some keys to discover, now, what happened in ...

... redaction in progress... thank you for your patience...



Tesla girls

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